Welcome to LunarProducts

As a LLumar Accredited Architectural Installer, LunarProducts supply and install "Solar control, Safety & Security as well as “Decorative (Interior) window film installations.  LLUMAR (CPFilms) is the biggest and most renowned film manufacturer in the world and have been manufacturing film for more than 35 years.

With the SANS 204 Thermal bylaw and new SANS 10400 XA Building regulations architects, developers and engineers have shown a lot of interest in our Low E Window films, which do not only reflect Solar Energy/heat up to 75%, but also increase the thermal insulation of glass up to 92% (similar to standard double glazing) while reducing UV damage by 99% (click here for more)

LunarProducts has also expanded their product range to include other passive "Sun shading devices". Through a dedicated team of professionals, we are able to supply and fit - Shutters & Blinds, Motorised awnings and -screens, of the highest quality.

LunarProducts  work very closely with architects , consulting engineers and Property Managers specifically focusing on “Green” or energy saving, building projects as well as  retrofitting projects.  We have been involved in various big projects, including “The Boulevard office park”, “Wembley Square”, Cape Town International Airport”,  Old Mutual “My Green school”, Grootte Schuur, etc.  

Investments in energy efficiency, without fail, always have a positive impact on profits and earnings.  In these times of explosive world development and ever-increasing energy shortages, contractors, architects and building managers alike, have a duty (both to their own bottom line and sustainability in general) to strive for maximum energy efficiency in both building design, construction and management.

LLUMAR window films have a 40+ year history as a retro-fit and alternative (to smart glass & high performance glass) glazing product.  Over the decade, steady improvements by LLUMAR in deposition technology, adhesive films, and scratch resistant surface coatings have resulted in truly viable products of impressive performance and longevity. Optically clear polyester films, that are UV stabilized, hard coated and encapsulate sputter or vapor depositions of any number of metals and oxides or IR blocking nano particle dispersions are making it painless to upgrade the solar performance of standard glazing systems. These performance films offer overall energy saving for commercial and residential buildings of 10% to 15% and common payback periods of 4 to 5 years.